Mike Flannery has lots of crazy ideas, too much energy, and an abundance of optimism!   He created Flannery Exchange to share his love of Palm Springs and the creative energy of the area with other gurus, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs who crave an inspired work-place, surrounded by a community of people who can help you grow your business.

Mike Flannery - Founder

Mike has several successful businesses in Palm Springs including Acme House Company and Solterra Development.   Mike relocated to Palm Springs from the Bay Area in 2002 to explore and embrace the opportunities.   As one of the area's premier employers, Mike has taken a hands-on approach to help responsibly grow the tourism and short-term rental experience in the area.  Flannery Exchange is located in the Flannery Exchange at 750 North Palm Canyon Drive. Previously an eye-sore, Mike has spent 2 years revitalizing the old bank building into Palm Spring's most coveted destination for digital nomads, creatives, events, and more!

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