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The Flannery Exchange was conceptualized and designed by founder Mike Flannery, who also founded Acme House Company and Solterra Builders, and consisted of a year-long makeover of the existing space.

If you’re familiar with the Uptown Design District, you may remember how bland this area was. The building, in particular, was truly an eye sore! Don’t remember? Just check out the before and after photos!

The Flannery Exchange

Why This Building?
When Mike Flannery saw this abandoned 1981 Bank of America building, he envisioned a space where he could share the creative energy of the desert with digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and “bleisure” travelers who crave an inspired workspace. The building’s prime location in the Uptown Design District, with a parking lot, plus the opportunity to build out in places that were previously unused, and the  creation of the rooftop deck and the drive thru – which were supported by the city – allowed him to take the leap and purchase the building.

The Flannery Exchange

Pushing Through During COVID
Just as construction started, COVID hit. Mike had to stop and rethink everything, but he knew walking away was not an option.

I have been a builder developer for 18 years, so when the pandemic hit, I knew how much work I was getting myself into, but I pushed through. I had to take over the project, supervising everything all day, then going to the office to do 4 more hours of catch up, plus the other job (Acme House Company) still needing to be done.” – Mike Flannery

The Flannery Exchange

Shifting Gears
The original plan for the building was to have the downstairs area be all cowork and office space, and the upstairs be office space for Acme House Company, plus a cowork lounge with a rooftop deck that converted to event space after hours and on the weekends. However, when COVID hit and forced Mike to rethink his approach, he decide to add in retail space and a coffee shop (Cafe La Jefa) in the first floor.

The Flannery Exchange

The funny thing is that what we ended up with in terms of the mix of tenants, vibe, design, overall experience, is more in line with what I dreamed about in the beginning, so it all worked out. There’s even a restaurant coming soon!

-Mike Flannery

Come explore the transformation of the abandoned 1981 Bank of America
building into Palm Springs' most vibrant destination downtown. 

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